NHL record for overall game performance broken

Hockey news 05 nov 2023, 03:41
NHL record for overall game performance broken NHL record for overall game performance broken

Today, there was another game day in the NHL, featuring fifteen matches. In total, the teams scored 114 goals, including game-winning shots in shootouts. This result stands as a record for the NHL.

Previously, the most prolific day in the NHL was on April 29, 2022, when teams collectively netted 104 goals in their opponents' nets.

It's noteworthy that seven of the nine most prolific days in the NHL have occurred in the last two seasons.

The most lopsided outcomes of today's game day included victories for Tampa Bay against Ottawa (6:4), St. Louis over Montreal (6:3), Buffalo against Toronto (6:4), Detroit over Boston (5:4), Minnesota against the Rangers (5:4 PS), Calgary over Seattle (6:3), Pittsburgh over San Jose (10:2), and Vegas over Colorado (7:0).

Pittsburgh scored ten goals against San Jose, a level of scoring they hadn't reached in a year and a half. The last time they achieved such a high-scoring game was when they scored eleven goals against Detroit, with their opponents also managing to score two goals.

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