Mason Greenwood made his Getafe debut after a one-year break

Football news 17 sep 2023, 11:34
Mason Greenwood made his Getafe debut after a one-year break Photo:

Mason Greenwood entered the field in the fifth round of La Liga in the match between Getafe and Osasuna.

He appeared in the 77th minute replacing Juanmi Latasa. This match was Mason's debut for Getafe and the first since January 2022. Then he appeared in the start of "MU" against "West Ham" (1:0).

On the morning of January 30, 2022, there were reports on social media that Greenwood had beaten up a fashion model, Harriet Robson, whom he had previously dated. Manchester United released a statement saying Greenwood has been suspended from training and matches until further notice. On the same day, Greater Manchester Police arrested Greenwood on suspicion of rape and assault.

Greenwood was released on bail on February 2, 2022. On 2 February 2023, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that all charges had been dropped against Greenwood due to the withdrawal of key witness statements and "new material coming to light.

We will remind that in the summer transfer window, Mason Greenwood moved to Getafe on a one-year lease.

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