F1 Scandal of The Year. Verstappen and Norris got into an accident in the fight for first place

Motorsport News 30 june 2024, 10:45
Ileana Sanchez Dailysports's expert Ileana Sanchez
F1 scandal of the year: Verstappen & Norris clashed in the struggle for leadership and lost position Photo: x.com/F1 / Author unknown

At the Austrian Grand Prix in Formula 1 there was an incident that will be discussed by fans and experts for a long time.

Pilot McLaren Lando Norris throughout the race chased the leader of the overall standings, the racer of Red Bull, Max Verstappen. Closer to the end of the race, Red Bull began to have problems with the car, which allowed Norris to come close to the rival and wrestle with him.

A few laps, Verstappen did not allow Norris to go to the first place. In the end, the outcome of this duel was stunning.

At one of the turns, there was contact between the cars of Red Bull and McLaren. First, Verstappen carelessly shifted to the side of Norris, damaging the wheel. And a moment later Norris, not coping with the management, wing caught the wheel of Verstappen, which produced a similar problem with the tyre in the rival. As a result, both drivers damaged tyres and were forced to drive slowly to the boxes.

Lando could not return to the track. And Max lost several positions and returned to the track only fifth. In addition, the stewards penalised the reigning champion for 5 seconds for contact, because it was he who made a careless shift towards his rival from McLaren.

The race was won by George Russell (Mercedes), who initially did not even claim the first place. Also in the top 3 were Oscar Piastri (McLaren) and Carlos Sainz Jr (Ferrari).

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