UFC Vegas 93: Perez vs Taira predictions and odds

MMA News 15 june 2024, 04:32
Robert Sykes Dailysports's expert Robert Sykes
Alex Perez vs Tatsuro Taira. Forecasts and bets for the UFC Vegas 93 tournament Image: ESPN / Author unknown

Tonight, the Apex Arena in Las Vegas, USA, will host UFC Fight Night, also known as UFC Vegas 93.

The main event will feature a bout between Brazilian Alex Perez and Japanese Tatsuro Taira in the flyweight division. The fighter from the Land of the Rising Sun is considered the favorite, with bookmakers offering odds of no more than 1.5 for his victory. Conversely, the South American representative can be bet on with odds close to 3.0.

Bookmakers also do not believe the fight will go all five rounds, leaning towards a knockout during the bout. The odds for the fight lasting all five rounds stand at 2.75, while the odds for an early finish are 1.4. The lowest odds are for the fight ending in the first round (3.9), followed closely by the second round (4.9). Additionally, it is believed the fight might end via a submission hold or the opponent's surrender, with odds at 2.0, while knockout or technical knockout stands at 3.3, and a decision by the judges is at 2.75.

The co-main event will feature a bantamweight clash between American Miles Johns and Brazilian Douglas Andrade. Bookmakers see this match as evenly matched, though they have slightly more faith in the North American (1.8 versus 2.0). This fight is expected to last the full three rounds, with odds at 1.5 compared to 2.5 for an early finish.

In the fight between Brazil’s Lucas Almeida and American Timothy Cuamba, the latter is favored (1.5 versus 2.5). The probability of an early finish is considered more likely (1.6 versus 2.3).

For the bout between Americans Garrett Armfield and Brady Hiestand, the former is favored by bookmakers (1.5 versus 2.5). Here, the fight is expected to go all three rounds (1.5 versus 2.4).

In the match between Kazakh Assu Almabaev and American Jose Johnson, the Asian country’s representative is the clear favorite. The odds for an American victory are significant at 5.5, while the Kazakh's are only 1.15. However, bookmakers provide substantial odds on the duration of the fight, with an early finish at 2.3 and the full fight at 1.6.

The final bout of the main card will see Americans Adam Fugitt and Josh Quinlan face off. The competitors have nearly equal chances, reflected in their odds (2.0 versus 1.8). The fight is more likely to end early, with bookmakers offering lower odds for this outcome (1.6 versus 2.25).

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