Tyson Fury plans to extend his career

Boxing News 20 oct 2023, 12:03
Tyson Fury plans to extend his career Photo: https://www.instagram.com/tysonfury/

Tyson Fury plans to extend his career further after the bout between Ngannou and Usyk, as reported by ESPN.

The WBC champion and belt holder, Tyson Fury, has stated his intention to sign a contract for ten more fights. He intends to explore opportunities for another ten matches to secure the best deals.

"What else is there? I might retire—I have plenty of money and numerous accomplishments, but I'm only 35. What am I supposed to do? When I'm in the ring, I feel incredibly happy. It's the one thing that genuinely makes me happy.

So, it would be unwise to walk away now, especially when I'm earning millions of dollars and getting a lot of satisfaction," said Tyson.

He added that he has been a professional boxer for 15 years and is prone to injuries. In his opinion, boxing is undoubtedly more captivating when he's a part of it. What will become of boxing when I'm gone?

Furthermore, he mentioned that Ngannou doesn't possess anything that could surprise him. Over the past few years, Fury has fought many MMA fighters. According to him, they are all strong and resilient individuals who can withstand a good attack.

As a reminder, the bout between Tyson Fury and Ngannou is scheduled for October 28th.

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