England coach unexpectedly praised Mudryk

Football news 12 sep 2023, 07:30
England coach unexpectedly praised Mudryk Photo: Chelsea Twitter

England coach Gareth Southgate assessed the performance of Ukrainian winger Mikhail Mudryk.

Let us remind you that last week the British played against the Ukrainian national team as part of the qualification for Euro 2024 and Mudryk appeared on the field from the first minutes of the meeting. The game itself ended with the score 1:1.

According to Southgate, Mudryk had little chance against Kyle Walker, who played him personally.

“Walker did a great job defending against a very talented winger. Many coaches rate Mudryk's potential very highly, despite the problems he had to face. "Chelsea haven't fully exploited his potential yet, but it's clear they have a player in the team who can be worked with and who can reach the top," the British coach said.

Let us note that this season Mudryk played three matches in the English Championship, but has not yet scored any effective actions. Very often the Ukrainian is criticized by coaches and experts, but there are also those who believe in the great future of the football player.

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