Carl Froch commented on Tyson Fury's drunken escapades

Boxing News 13 june 2024, 23:59
Leo Peterson Dailysports's expert Leo Peterson
Carl Froch commented on Tyson Fury's drunken escapades PHOTO: Scott Heavey

Former world champion Tyson Fury was seen heavily intoxicated on the evening of June 7 at a bar in Morecambe. Security escorted the Gypsy King out of the establishment. After leaving the bar, Fury stumbled, got on all fours, and then hit his head on a streetlamp.

Today, June 13, Fury released a video showing that he has begun preparations for a rematch with Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk.

Former super middleweight world champion Carl Froch commented on Fury's escapades. Carl hopes that Tyson will now fully concentrate on his training:

"He had a night out, let his hair down, as the metaphor goes. I know he's bald. He drank too much... It's not a big deal. The guy who took the video should be ashamed... Tyson is struggling with the defeat. It was his first loss [in the fight with Usyk].

He went out, had a few drinks, enjoyed himself, and some idiot took a video of him, which ended up online. But I think Tyson will now return to training and focus on his fight in December... It's a rematch against someone who beat him, and he will want to avenge that loss.

I hope, and I say this sincerely and from the heart, that he manages to do it. Because we want to see him come back. Tyson Fury can bring his belts back to Britain and then have a few more fights before he decides to hang up his gloves.

Just get back to it... Come on, Tyson, come back. Get back in the gym. Believe in yourself and win this fight. The rematch in December, we are all eagerly anticipating it," Froch said.

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