Jovic's goal saves Serbia from a sensational defeat against Slovenia

Football news 20 june 2024, 10:58
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Almost a playoff guarantee. Celje's goal gave Slovenia a win over Serbia Carl Recine/Getty Images

The Slovenian national team missed the victory in the match of the 2nd round of the group stage of Euro 2024 against Serbia.

In the first half, there were far more one-on-one battles than really dangerous chances. However, Jan Oblak had to step in on several occasions, and the most dangerous was Dusan Vlahovic's moment. Slovenia had a great opportunity for a goal, but Elsnik hit the bar and Benjamin Šeško failed to get on the end of a shot.

But after the break the teams started to play more actively in attack. In the end, the Slovenian team still managed to break through Predrag Rajkovic. For the second match in a row a wing defender scored for Matjaž Kek's team. This time, after a cross from the left flank, Celje's right-back Jean Karničnik did well on the far post.

For the 29-year-old, this goal was only the second in his career for the Slovenian national team in 29 matches. Before that, he scored in qualifying against a modest San Marino team.

Immediately after the goal, Serbia had a great opportunity for a goal, but Aleksandar Mitrovic hit the crossbar from a few metres out. Before that, his dangerous shots were deflected by Jan Oblak.

Serbia saved only in the fifth penalty minute! Luka Jovic scored after a corner kick and kept his team's play-off chances alive. Slovenia has 2 points, while Serbia has 1.

In the next round Slovenia will play against England, and Serbia will fight against Denmark.

European Championship 2024. Group C. 2nd round

Slovenia - Serbia 1:1
Goal: Karnicnik, 69` – Jovic, 90+5`

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