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BetWay bookmaker review

4.15 /5.0 BetWay
Funds withdrawal 1-2 business days
Payment methods
Visa Mastercard Neteller PayPal Trustly SOFORT Banking
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  • Good selection of sports
  • Choice of Welcome Bonus
  • Good bonuses for members
  • Strict verification
  • Information about addiction help
  • Low minimum stake
  • If you download the app, you can use BetWay data free!
  • Indian customers have complained about payment issues
  • The casino and sportsbook can be slightly overwhelming
  • Difficult to speak to a representative

Common information about the bookmaker

📅 Founded in
United Kingdom
📄 License
Licensed and regulated by Gambling Commission number: 39372
English, German, Norwegian, Finnish, French, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian
Payment methods
Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, PayPal, Trustly, SOFORT Banking
Funds withdrawal
1-2 business days
Can play from
✔️ Yes

BetWay is a safe British bookmaker and online casino with everything you can want. Since its formation, BetWay has gained a positive reputation, and today is played by thousands of people worldwide.

This article will give you an insight into how the website works and what you can expect. By the end, you'll have a clearer idea of whether or not BetWay is the right bookmaker for you.

Brief overview

BetWay was started in 2006 in the United Kingdom.

They have betting options for multiple sports, an online casino and some excellent promotions.

License and Legality

BetWay is managed by "BetWay Ltd", which operates in Malta. They're responsible for ensuring the website runs smoothly and all the sports people want to bet on are available.

However, they are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling commission. Hence, they always need to obey UK gambling laws. Their gambling licence number is 39372.

Please note that this information only applies to UK players. In other countries, they will likely be registered with different government gambling commissions.

However, one thing's for sure. BetWay is a legitimate and fully licensed bookmaker you can trust with your money.

Minimum and maximum rates

If you want to place a bet with BetWay, the minimum amount you can stake is £0.50 ($/€60). This small minimum makes BetWay an excellent website for people who don't want to gamble with large amounts of money and just want to play for fun.

The maximum you can bet varies from sport to sport. If you want to bet on a non-sport event (such as politics), the maximum stake is £25,000 ($/€29,000). But, for events such as high-level football, the maximum stake is £500,000 ($/€585,000).

But, we understand that most people won't bet with such large sums.


To find out what the general public thought of BetWay, we looked first at review websites and betting forums.

51% of reviewers rated BetWay as 5 stars. People said they had a nice variety of sports and were easy to use. Some people complained that there were payment issues. Most of the complaints came from India- perhaps BetWay India is a different company from BetWay UK.

The main (UK) criticism was that the representatives were challenging to find (and our research proved this correct).

How we evaluated the bookmaker

Live of BetWay

Our review about BetWay is mostly positive.

For a start, their licensing is in order, and they are definitely a legitimate company.

Additionally, they also have an excellent selection of sports. So, no matter what you're into, you can bet on it. Plus, unlike most other gambling sites, they let you decide which Welcome Bonus you want.
Their safety is another strong point. As well as strict verification rules, they also have lots of information about addiction.

Our main criticism is that so much is going on that it can be slightly overwhelming.

Overall, we're mainly optimistic about BetWay. Online bookmakers aren't always this good. But that's not to say it's perfect.


The term "marginality" refers to the difference between the official odds and the bookmaker's odds. If a bookmaker uses the official odds, it can be difficult for them to make money.

Bookmakers manipulate the odds, so they add up to a number higher than 100%. However, the higher the marginality, the harder it is to win money. This can make making your BetWay predictions more difficult.

To find out the marginality of BetWay, we looked at the average margins (based on 3 games per sport) of high-level football, low-level football, tennis, e-sports, and horse racing.

For high-level football, we found an average margin of 5%. The games were "Crystal Palace vs Brentford", "Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion", and "Southampton vs Chelsea".

As expected, lower-level football has a slightly higher margin of 7%. Because fewer people are betting, more money needs to come from those who are. For lower-level football, we found an average margin of 7% by looking at "Bath vs Slough", "Chelmsford vs Concord Rangers", and "Cheshunt vs Braintree".

The next sport we looked at was E-Sports. E-Sports is very new, particularly for bookmakers. In the past, video games were seen as kids' toys, but today, it's far more competitive and lucrative.

On BetWay, we found e-sports had an average margin of 7%. The games we looked at were "JD Gaming vs Top Esports'', "Royal Never Give Up vs Edward Gaming", and "Victory Five vs LNG Esports".

Next, it was tennis. Like E-Sports, Tennis has two players, a winner and a loser. There are no draws. We found that tennis had an average margin of 5%. We looked at "Medvedev vs Kozlov'', "Edmund vs Rudd", and "Wu vs Basilashvili".

The final sport we looked at was Horse racing. Using information from Epsom Downs, Downpatrick, and Fingerlakes, we found a very high average margin of 26%. Clearly, horse racing is where a lot of their money comes from.

Average margin

Like most online bookmakers, BetWay does not publish information about their marginality. Therefore, to figure out anything, we need to do the maths ourselves- as we did in the previous section.

We can use this information to get a rough idea of what the average marginality could be.

Using the averages of all the sports mentioned, we find an average margin of 10%. However, excluding horse racing, that average goes down to just 6%.

So, BetWay's average margin is probably between 6-10%.

Financial operations

Financial operations in BetWay

To make a deposit, you will need to verify your account (we'll get onto how to do that later). But, once you do, just click the big green "Bank" button on the top right of BetWay.

This section will discuss how to add money to your account and how to withdraw it.

Account replenishment

As you'd probably expect, on BetWay, bets can't be made until a deposit has been made.

The deposit options are what you would expect and a few more.

The first option is with a debit/credit card. So long as you have a Visa or MasterCard (which almost all 18+-year-olds do), you can add money to your BetWay account.

You can also add money via the following e-wallets: Trustly, Vyne, PayPal, and Neteller. These E-Wallets are safe, secure, and often faster than cards.

Alternatively, you can also add a deposit using a bank transfer. You can use a regular bank transfer or a rapid transfer.

But, no matter which method you choose, there is a minimum deposit of £5 ($/€6).


The payment methods are the same when you want to take your money out.

Usually, BetWay will withdraw via the same method used to deposit. If that's not possible (for whatever reason), the money will be transferred into your bank account.

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of £5 ($/€6). Although there is no maximum withdrawal, the security team will do extra checks if you wish to withdraw a significant amount. They're very strict on fraud and criminal activity.


Like most online bookmakers, BetWay does not charge a commission on winnings. If you win money, you can expect to keep that money.

However, like other online bookmakers, they also run an affiliate programme. Affiliates refer people to BetWay, and, in exchange, get a portion of the profits.

The size of this portion depends on how many paying customers they send to BetWay. Affiliates get between 25-40% commission.

This will not affect customers who come to BetWay via an affiliate link.

Tax on winnings

Whether or not you get taxed on what you win is not up to BetWay, but to your country's government. If you want to know whether or not you're getting taxed for what you win at the bookies, google "Are Bet winnings taxed in [My Country]" to find out.

Bonus program

Unlike other gambling sites, you can choose your BetWay registration bonus. They are great deals, and we recommend reading the list to decide which offer is best for you.

  • £10 free bet in sports or e-sports.
  • £30 matched bet for free if your first accumulator loses.
  • £50 to spend in the casino or live casino.
  • None of these require a BetWay promo code.

As well as the welcome bonuses, BetWay also has a nice selection of promotions for their long-term and loyal customers.

Firstly, we have the £5 free bet. If you like betting on horses, you can bet up to £5 on them for free.

Boosts. Where the value of some bets goes higher if you win.

Free Bet Club. Join this club and get £10 in free bets every week.

4 to score. Pick the first goalscorer in 4 matches to be in with a chance of winning £50,000.

Please note the promotions mentioned in this section only apply to the UK and Ireland. Please check the BetWay website in your country to find out whether you're eligible for any deals or promotions.

Application and mobile version of the bookmaker

There are BetWay casino and BetWay sports apps available to download on iOS or Android. Either the BetWay app can easily be found on the Google Play or iOS store.

If you like BetWay, download the app to take it on the go!

Alternatively, you could just go to on your phone's browser app.

Supported Devices

To use either BetWay app, download it on Android or iOS.

To get either app, go to the iOS Store or Google Play store and type in "BetWay Casino" or "BetWay Sports". The first result will be the correct app.

Android users can also download the BetWay apk, but we recommend using the Google Play store as it is safer.

If you don't wish to download any app, you need a device with a stable internet browser- such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Comparison of the mobile version of the site with the application

Although the features of the apps and the website are the same, two differences are speed and layout.

The app has a clearer and less cluttered layout, making navigating easier on a smaller device, such as a mobile phone. However, some customers have complained that the app can be too slow to load.

But, the most significant difference between the BetWay mobile site and the app is that the app doesn't use data. So you can play BetWay, datafree.

Official site

Official site of BetWay

The BetWay website,, has everything you would expect from an online sportsbook. It has a list of sports and matches, which are easy to find.

Although it is easy to navigate, it is also rather cluttered. There are a lot of buttons on the homepage, which can make it slightly overwhelming for some people.

At the top of the page, you will find the following options: Casino, Sports, Live, and Settings.

Features of the site functionality

The primary function of BetWay is to enable people to bet on sports. This is why the front page has the most popular betting options (and their odds) listed. On the side is an A-Z of sports, and a search bar, which allows you to find the games you want.

The search option enables those who support less well-known teams to enjoy betting.

As well as sports betting, BetWay also has its own online casino (which we'll get into more later) and blog. The blog is probably mainly for SEO purposes. Still, it has lots of helpful information about sports events and advice on betting.

At the bottom of the site, you will find helpful information about gambling addiction and how to avoid it.

If you want to use any of these features on BetWay, login to view them!


Click "casino" at the top to be taken to BetWay's casino section.

As you will see, most of their casino is slot machines- they have hundreds of them! Slot machines are pretty much 100% pure luck. All you need to do is pull the lever and hope for the best. Some people may find this kind of game enjoyable.

But, if you're not into slot games, don't worry. The BetWay casino has many more traditional table games, such as BlackJack, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat. So you can have the casino experience from your own home.

Additionally, a live casino is also available on BetWay; log in to see what's on offer.


As previously mentioned, BetWay has a live casino. These are games broadcast from an external company that members of can play. They will have a host, and you will see what the host does in real-time.

But, back to sports. BetWay also shows live stats from games happening as you read this. Yes, you can see the score, but you can also see other information, such as how many shots are on target, who has the ball, corners, etc.

If you're tracking your favourite team on BetWay, livescore updates are helpful.

Broadcast matches

Currently, BetWay does not broadcast matches. There is no live streaming.


Tote betting (usually for horse racing) is where the money comes from those participating in the tote scheme instead of the bookmaker.

But, at the time of writing this, BetWay does not offer a tote scheme.

Account registration

Account registration at betway

If you want to use BetWay, register for an account. Unlike other online bookmakers, you cannot do anything without an account on BetWay. Even if you don't want to gamble and just want to look at the odds, you still need an account.

When you go to, look in the top right for a "Join Now" sign. You'll have to enter your name, email, address, and phone number. This is the stage where you can select your bonus offer.

Once you've registered, you can login to BetWay whenever you want.


BetWay has the most secure verification process out of any gambling site we've seen.

You will not be able to add a deposit before you've verified your identity. And, we don't mean a simple verification email. You'll need physical proof of your identity and address.

BetWay asks for some form of identification with a photograph of you, your date of birth, and the expiry date.

They also require a document with your address on it.

Make sure your photographs are clear and display all the necessary information.

Personal Area

The personal area on BetWay is what you'd expect from an online bookmaker.

It has a banking area where you can add or take money. It also displays your personal information, which you can edit (for example, if you move home or change your phone number).

If you're worried about overspending, you can view all previous bets and transactions.

Bookmaker's rules

You can view BetWays terms and conditions by scrolling to the bottom and selecting "Terms and Conditions".

But, if you're familiar with general bookmaker rules, you should know what to expect from BetWay. The company does not tolerate anyone under 18, as that is illegal.

They also reserve the right to remove your account at any time. And they will do so if they suspect fraud or other criminal activity.

Of course, there are also rules about not being able to cancel a bet once it's been settled. They wouldn't make any money if they allowed that.

Safety and reliability

The safety and reliability of BetWay are excellent.

For a start, they take the age confirmation very seriously by requiring people to send in their ID before they can make a deposit.

Secondly, they are fully licensed and allowed to operate in the UK.

Thirdly, they provide plenty of information about gambling addiction. '

Customer support

Unfortunately, the technical support is not the best. There is no contact information such as a phone number or email address.

At the bottom of the page, you can find the "Help" section, which has pre written answers to problems you may face. You can also navigate your way to a live chat via this "Help" section. But, it's not like other websites, where the live chat is on the homepage and easy to find.

Social activities and Sponsorship

BetWay has sponsored many companies and sports teams. They are the official sponsor of the following clubs and events.

  • West Ham United,
  • Cheltenham Festival,
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas,
  • Paris Saint Germain.

In addition, they are also the official betting partner to the following clubs and events.

  • The Jockey Club,
  • Surrey County Cricket Club,
  • Brighton & Hove Albion,
  • G2 Esports.


In conclusion, if you want to bet, we can recommend using BetWay. It's a legitimate and safe website with all the functions you would expect from an online bookmaker.

It's easy to use and allows multiple deposit methods. The licensing is established, and the website makes gambling enjoyable and safe.


How to use the BetWay bonus?

When registering for a BetWay account, you must select which bonus you wish to use. Then, after verifying your address and identity, make your first deposit.

How to withdraw from BetWay?

To start the BetWay withdrawal process, click the big green "Bank" button, and select "Withdraw". Usually, funds are withdrawn via the same method they were used to deposit.

How to play BetWay?

After making your deposit, find the game you want to bet on (use the A-Z Sports to help you) and make your BetWay prediction. Once you've selected, choose your stake and press "Place Bet".

How to create an account in BetWay?

For BetWay registration, go to and press "Join Now".

How to replenish an account in BetWay?

Click the big green "Bank" button, and select "Deposit". Pick your deposit method and how much you wish to put in.

How to pass online identification in BetWay?

Online identification requires two documents. One to verify your identity and one to verify your address. Your ID documents need to contain your photograph, date of birth, and the document's expiry date. Your address document needs to display your address. Before you make your first deposit, BetWay will ask for a photograph of this ID.

Where to download the BetWay mobile app?

Both the "BetWay Sports" and "BetWay Casino" apps are available from Google Play Store and iOS Store.

How to place a bet in BetWay?

Find the game you want to bet on (use the A-Z Sports to help you), and make your BetWay prediction. Once you've decided, choose your stake and click "Place Bet".

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