African World Cup 2026 qualifying: fixtures and results

Football news 21 nov 2023, 16:38
African World Cup 2026 qualifying: fixtures and results African World Cup 2026 qualifying: fixtures and results

The qualification phase of the World Cup 2026 in Africa is one of the first to start. All participants in the final part of the tournament will be determined in November 2025.

A total of 53 national teams are taking part in the qualification in Africa. Nine teams will qualify for the final stage.

The nine winners of each qualifying group will qualify directly for the World Cup 2026. The top four of the nine teams that finish second in their groups will enter the playoffs to compete for another World Cup spot through an intercontinental playoff.

Matchday 1

Group A
Ethiopia vs Sierra Leone 0-0
Egypt vs Djibouti 6-0
Burkina Faso vs Guinea Bissau 1-1

Group B
Sudan vs Togo 1-1
Congo DR vs Mauritania 2-0
Senegal vs South Sudan 4-0

Group C
Rwanda vs Zimbabwe 0-0
Nigeria vs Lesotho 1-1
South Africa vs Benin 2-1

Group D
Cape Verde vs Angola 0-0
Eswatini vs Libya 0-1
Cameroon vs Mauritius 3-0

Group E
Zambia vs Congo 4-2
Niger vs Tanzania 0-1

Group F
Burundi vs Gambia 3-2
Gabon vs Kenya 2-1
Côte d'Ivoire vs Seychelles 9-0

Group G
Botswana vs Mozambique 2-3
Algeria vs Somalia 3-1
Guinea vs Uganda 2-1

Group H
Equatorial Guinea vs Namibia 1-0
Liberia vs Malawi 0-1
Tunisia vs Sao Tome e Principe 4-0

Group I
Ghana vs Madagascar 1-0
Comoros vs Central African Republic 4-2
Mali vs Chad 3-1

Matchday 2

Group A
Sierra Leone vs Egypt 0-2
Djibouti vs Guinea-Bissau 0-1
Ethiopia vs Burkina Faso 0-3

Group B
Sudan vs Congo DR 1-0
South Sudan vs Mauritania 0-0
Togo vs Senegal 0-0

Group C
Zimbabwe vs Nigeria 1-1
Rwanda vs South Africa 2-0
Lesotho vs Benin 0-0

Group D
Eswatini vs Cape Verde 0-2
Libya vs Cameroon 1-1
Mauritius vs Angola 0-0

Group E
Niger vs Zambia 2-1
Tanzania vs Morocco 0-2

Group F
Burundi vs Gabon 1-2
Seychelles vs Kenya 0-5
Gambia vs Côte d'Ivoire 0-2

Group G
Mozambique vs Algeria 0-2
Somalia vs Uganda 0-1
Botswana vs Guinea 1-0

Group H
Liberia vs Equatorial Guinea 0-1
Malawi vs Tunisia 0-1
São Tomé e Principe vs Namibia 0-2

Group I
Mali vs Central African Republic 1-1
Chad vs Madagascar 0-3
Comoros vs Ghana 1-0

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